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Some Wedding Locations in Zion NP & close by..

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Wedding Styles

Left & Right: Rockville Bench (BLM), Rockville
Left & Right :
River Park, Springdale:
Left : Menu Falls.Zion NP

Right: East side of 'River Park', Springdale.

Left: Gooseberry Mesa (BLM land)
Right: "Nature Center", Zion NP
Left: "Virgin Falls Park", Virgin

Right: "Under The Eaves Inn", Springdale
Left : Ponderosa Ranch  (East Side of Zion area)

Right: Cave Valley (Kolob Terrace)
Left : Cliffrose Gardens, Springdale

Right: Switchback Field & Gazebo, Springdale

Left : Temple of Sinawava (Zion NP)

Right: "The Lodge" by the Cottonwood Tree, Zion NP:


Images Courtesy of Brides and Grooms

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Steve Masefield

Please call: 435-635-1576