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WEDDING OFFICIAL: If you would like me to Officiate at your wedding, I would be delighted and honored.  I like to work with couples to tailor the wedding ceremony to their beliefs and ideas. The ceremony can be traditional or contemporary; serious and/or with touches of humor. 


Skills:  I have officiated at hundreds of  weddings over the past thirteen years, and some pictures are shown  on this web siute - personal references are available. I was British born but I am now an American Citizen.  Prior to moving to Utah, I was a school teacher for 13 years in England and an  Computer Technology manager/ trainer. While both are unrelated to weddings, that experience has given me the confidence and ability to manage groups of people. I will  Officiate at your wedding in a confident and pleasant manner - getting everyone in the right place, at the last minute, if needed. My English accent, and especially my sense of humor, help people relax and enjoy the day.  


My fees are on a sliding scale:  

$300 for a couple who are eloping or for a couple with a couple of witnesses/friends.

Upto 5 people. Close by (ie: Springdale / Virgin) or in Zion NP Canyon.

$400 For a wedding of 6 - 15 people, simple, no rehearsal required.

Close by (ie: Springdale / Virgin) or in Zion NP Canyon.

$500 for a "normal wedding" (if such a thing exists !) 16 or more people. Rehearsal included and will travel upto 40 miles (from Springdale / Virgin)


An hourly travel/hiking charge may be required for unusual wedding locations. 

Please note: Sorry - I do NOT perform  weddings on Angels Landing !


Payments: A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required before I begin working with you on the ceremony; the  balance is due before the wedding date.  (Payment by Personal Check, Cash, Money order,  VENMO or PayPal - please discuss with me first.)


WEDDING PLANNER:  If you want to start your marriage in a relaxed and happy mood,. you need to try and avoid becoming a "bridezilla" on your special day !!!   I strongly suggest the use of a wedding coordinator - especially if you do not live very close by.  You can plan and arrange all you want but on The Day I suggest you hand the control to someone else. I recommend :

Laura Stagg from (435-215-8801)

or GT & Allison from Zion Party Remtals (435-632-7705)


HONEYMOON SUITE:  In Springdale, I think the most romantic Honeymoon Suite can be found at Under The Eaves Inn/Bed & Breakfast, complete with a wood burning stove for chilly winter nights.  See: (435-772-3457)

Or in wild Escalante La Luz  & La Luna Desert Retreats (Click link to see)

Or even at our own private Airbnb at



Either  "GT" at: (435-632-7705)

or Laura Stagg from (435-215-8801)


WEDDING CAKES and Catering: The one and only - Barbara Ellard. 



WEDDING FLOWERS: See Yellow Pages for Hurricane or St.George


WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: There are several skilled photographers in the Zion area. I have worked with and can highly recommend: 

Dylan Brown ("Adventure elopements and small parties only")

Jimmy Bishop 

Shannon Carr 

Russell & Ingrid Gearheart 

McKenzi Felt Dye


WEDDING Music/DJ: Adam Rue (Sound Systems and all kinds of music) (435-590-7261) Dave Tate - Classical Style Guitar and Guitar with Vocals (435-760-9163)


WEDDING MAKE UP and HAIR: Right here in town at Deep Canyon Spa (Flanigans Inn): 435-772-3244

Karlie Young - Hair - see Spa at Flanigans (above)






Please email: 
Steve Masefield                      

Please call: 435-632-8223